Dr. Abby Shapiro
Dr. Abby Shapiro
Dr. Abby Shapiro
[Curriculum Vitae]

Abby Shapiro is a transplant to Auburn from Louisville, Kentucky. She moved with her husband, who is on the faculty at Auburn University.

Abby completed her Ph. D. in clinical psychology at the University of Louisville and her internship at the Duke University Medical Center.

Abby has been a practicing psychologist since 1982 and has worked in a variety of settings, including community mental health centers, VA facilities, medical centers and psychiatric facilities, assisted living and nursing home communities, and in private practice.

She was an adjunct faculty member at the University of Louisville in the counseling psychology program and at Spalding University in the clinical psychology program.

Abby has worked with folks across the lifespan. At one end, she enjoys working with children and parents. At the other extreme, her oldest client to date was 100 years old. Abby also sees adolescents and adults, individuals and couples.

When not at the office, Abby is often occupied with her two miniature dachshunds, with staying physically active, and with a variety of sewing and needlework projects.