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Dr. Tom Lawry
Dr. Tom Lawry
Curriculum Vitae

Tom Lawry has been a part of Clinical Psychologists, P.C. for 15 years. While he works with adolescents, adults and couples with many kinds of issues, Tom’s specialties have been Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, substance abuse treatment, psycho-educational assessments and working with student athletes.

Tom’s PTSD work has been primarily with combat veterans and childhood abuse victims. He has built on his work as the Director of the PTSD inpatient unit at the Tuskegee VA Hospital in the early 1990’s and as a staff psychologist with a veterans outreach center in Springfield, Virginia in the late 1980’s. Tom also directed an inpatient substance abuse unit in Tuskegee, and he has recently worked with a number of doctors and nurses in recovery.

As part of the Clinical Psychologists contract with the Auburn University Athletic Department, Tom has coordinated psycho-educational assessments of student athletes who may have a learning disability or Attention Deficit Disorder. He also works with student athletes with general psychological problems or who have identified with substance abuse issues.

Tom attended the Atlantic College in South Wales for the last two years of high school and Cambridge University in England for two years before graduation from the University of Texas at Austin. Tom received his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Southern Illinois University. Tom has been licensed in the practice of psychology since 1987.

In his spare time, Tom tries to balance physical and intellectual pursuits. Tom is a marathon runner and often participates in the Alabama State Chess Championship. Tom and his wife enjoy travel. He has two stepsons and a granddaughter.